Ultra small batch, handmade gin, made in Lytham's only craft distillery. Distilled and bottled by Sandgrown Spirits of Lytham, Lancashire, England. A classic London Dry Gin with a unique flavour of zesty orange and spice resulting from a carefully chosen selection of 11 botanicals including local marsh samphire that adds a silky smooth mouth feel.
We are very proud of the success of this gin. In 2018 our original gin was shortlisted by the gin guide as one of the best London dry gins in the UK. In 2019 after a bit of recipe tweaking, it was a finalist in the world's best traditional gin category (in the top 20 of over 1000 gins from around the world that were blind-tasted by the gin guide) and was awarded a silver medal in the London Spirit Competition.
This year, it has been named as a winner of The Gin Guide Awards 2021 in the Best Traditional Gin category.

Sandgrown Original Dry Gin - 42% ABV

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  • As gin lovers we know that gin flavours and what people like is a very personal thing. We think you will love our Gin, but we will accept returns for any reason, all we ask is that you let us know why you are returning the item and that there is gin in it!


Our Product Philosophy

As a company, we are passionate about gin. With all our products, the first thing you should taste is gin. The other flavours we use are there to compliment the gin not to dominate it.