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Custom Spirit Creation

Have you ever wanted your own branded spirit?

Maybe you own a hotel, a bar or a restaurant and would love a gin that just belongs to you. Or perhaps you are responsible for sourcing corporate gifts and are looking for something different to bear your company’s name.  You might even be a fundraiser for a charity and want to offer your supporters a new way of helping whilst buying something they love.

We can help! 

Sandgrown Spirits make gin and rum for a number of prestigious businesses including Royal Lytham and St. Annes Golf Club, Northcote and the Stafford Collection of Hotels as well as for charities such as the Rotary Club at Salford with Swinton. 

We have the experience and expertise to make spirits fit your brief. 


Being the makers of one of the best gins in the world, you can be assured that your spirit will be of the highest quality.


What we do

Option 1: Rebranding

We can take one of our own spirits and rebrand them for you in one of our bottles.  We can produce the label for you, subject to artwork and your requirements or we can recommend a label producer who will be able to help.  This option is available for batch sizes from as low as a single case of 6 x 70cl bottles or a tray of 60 x 5cl bottles.


Option 2: Premium Rebranding

We can vary one of our existing recipes to incorporate a new botanical or infuse our house gin with fruits and essences of your choice.  This involves more processes than a simple rebrand but is not as complex as a fully bespoke product.  You can choose to use our in-house labelling service and our bottles or you can supply your own labels and bottles as required.  This option is available for batch sizes of 6 cases (36 bottles) and above.  Bottles of other sizes are available on request.

Option 3: Bespoke Service

We will work with you to develop your own recipe, we can help you choose the botanicals needed to deliver the flavour profile you are looking for. You will own your recipe, keeping it confidential so that only you know how it is made.  You can choose to use our house bottles, we can advise you on what other bottles are available or you can provide your own.  You can also choose to use our in-house label service or have labels printed elsewhere.  This service is available for batch sizes of 6 cases but due to the greater set-up costs is ideally suited to larger and repeated batches of around 15 cases or more.

Let's talk!

So whether you already have ideas for a flavour profile or are unsure about where to start, we can work with you on your brief and choose the best option for you. Prices vary according to the option you choose and the volume you need.

To place an enquiry please complete the enquiry formor give Sara a call on 07480 808660 we'd love to work with you.

Rebranding for Rotary Salford with Swinton

We are proud to have engaged in a long term partnership with the Rotary Salford with Swinton. By relabelling our existing gins, which they sell too Rotary Club members around the UK and further afield, they have raised enough money to innoculate over 120,000 children against Polio.

Lytham Gin Elsie our still with gins branded for the Rotary Club of Great Britain

Custom Gin for Royal Lytham and St. Annes Golf Club

We are very proud of our association with such a prestigious organisation as Royal Lytham and St. Annes Golf Club, a frequent host to major international competitions such as the British Open. Our relationship came about after they became stockists and their members preferred our gin to any of the other gins behind the bar. In partnership with the hospitality manager, we researched what plants grew on the course. Using our popular Original Gin as a start point, we adjusted our recipe to incorporate some of the botanicals we found, such as yarrow, to create a unique gin containing 18 (hole) botanicals. Only players of this world-class course can obtain this world-class gin.

Royal Lytham Golf Club Clubhouse which serves exclusively their own gin made for them by Sandgrown Spirits

Bespoke Gin with the flavours of Jamaica for Patwah Spirits

One of our latest projects has been to help serial entrepreneur Michael launch Patwah Spirits. Michael approached us with a dream to make gin as popular as rum within the Jamaican community. We developed a range of custom gins with tropical flavours and advised Patwah Spirits on brand development, assistance in licensing and general consultancy to help them set-up of their business.

Michael from Patwah Spirits visiting our distillery holding a bottle of his custom gin
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