Our Gins

Lytham Gin is one of the UK’s leading and most awarded craft gin producers. It all began with a long-held love for the juniper predominant spirit and a dream to craft the best-tasting gin in the world. 

Before crafting the first gin,  Lytham Gin's founder Sara Dewhurst spent years sampling different gins from around the world, talking to mixologists and distillers to discover the flavour profiles she wanted to create and share.


Serious about flavour

Whilst Lytham Gin branding is a little playful, Sara is totally serious about flavour, mouthfeel and provenance. As a result, all of the Lytham Gin range is unapologetically juniper-led, using the best possible ingredients, which, where possible, we either grow ourselves or are locally foraged.

Elsie, our beautiful copper still uses a heated water jacket to gently extract as much flavour as possible from the botanicals infused in the finest barley grain spirit.

Serious about quality

Sara uses the skills she gained as an industrial chemist to ensure that all parts of the process from sourcing ingredients to distilling and bottling, which are all done in-house, are controlled with a total focus on quality.


 Serious about innovation

Every batch is a learning opportunity, Sara tastes each batch to ensure the flavour remains true to the original recipe, tweaking it to compensate for the variations in the natural ingredients used and as a chance to continuously enhance and improve the flavour profile. 



Crafted from natural and carefully selected botanicals including Albanian Juniper and Marsh Samphire foraged from the Ribble Estuary. The samphire gives Lytham Original a well-rounded taste and super smooth mouthfeel. Produced using the London Dry method and diluted to 42% ABV the Lytham Original was awarded the World's Best Traditional Gin in the 2021 Gin Guide Awards. Served with a slice of lime and a neutral tonic the Original makes an outstandingly moreish G&T but is also very enjoyable on its own. 


NOSE: Lytham Original Dry Gin has a round juniper character, citrus notes from the fresh orange peel are given additional complexity from the use of dry bitter orange and rowan berries.

PALATE:  A rich and oily texture characterise Lytham Original Dry.  Earthy and spicy notes of angelica and coriander balanced by a mellow sweetness of liquorice. 

FINISH:  Lytham Original Dry lingers on with long-lasting citrus and juniper with a hint of spice from the West African grains of paradise.


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NOSE: Lytham Bee's Knees Gin has a plentiful aroma with honey notes and distinct juniper.

PALATE:  Lovely full mouthfeel, herbaceous undertones add depth with juniper, lavender and gentle green notes in distinct layers. The honey whilst present does not overpower, the flavour slowly builds with each sip.

FINISH:  The pink peppercorn adds a spice balance cuts through the sweetness and gives a fine lingering finish.

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Lytham Gin Bee's Knees is a modern take on a traditional style of sweetened Gin, called Old Tom. Made with raw organic honey from the Layton Bee Project apiary in a nature reserve near Blackpool ( it was awarded the World's Best Old Tom Gin by the Gin Guide in 2020.

The subtle honey notes are balanced with homegrown lavender, lime, and pink peppercorns to make a thoroughly delicious drink that is perfect when served neat over ice or as a classic G&T with a neutral tonic. As a base for cocktails, Lytham Gin Bee's Knees makes a wonderful Tom Collins or unsurprisingly an excellent Bee's Knees. 

Navigator's Navy Strength
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When we were developing our 100% proof Lytham Gin The Navigator's, we wanted to create a flavour profile that celebrated juniper. We doubled the amount of juniper we use in our Original Gin and added homegrown Rosemary to further enhance the piney notes of juniper. We add cold-pressed Bramley apple juice from our garden and apple mint to the alcohol when we macerate the botanicals to provide an English garden freshness. Distilled using the traditional London dry one-shot method Lytham Gin The Navigator's is a flavour explosion perfect for traditional G&T's and Martini's.


NOSE: Lytham The Navigator's Navy Strength Gin sings with fresh green juniper and rosemary with hints of citrus and sweetness from the apple.

PALATE:  On the palate The Navigator's is a flavour journey, it has a bit of everything, big juniper, floral, spice, fruity citrus and a little mint; the flavours are well balanced, smooth and have great depth. 

FINISH:  The Navigator's has a mid to long finish with a long, warming and lingering spice. 




NOSE: Juniper, fresh mandorins and subtle floral notes from the rose. 

PALATE:  Surprisingly dry, lovely smooth mouthfeel, floral, citrusy with a hint of spice from black pepper and cardomon. A real contemporary,  grown-up gin.

FINISH:  A medium finish, with some lingering heat.



Blooming Gorgeous came about as a result of Lytham Gin's founder Sara wanting a proper juniper-led dry gin that looked a pretty pink in the glass without the sweet sickliness of some modern pink gins. The result is Blooming Gorgeous. Crafted with fresh manderin, dried apricots and oriental spices give a nod to the flavours of eastern cuisine.  After distillation, the gin is infused with piles of rose petals and hibiscus flowers to give the wonderful colour and floral notes. For the perfect drink for a beautiful summer's day serve in a Copa glass with slices of fresh strawberry and Fevertree Elderflower tonic, blooming gorgeous!




Lytham Gin Positively Purple is a celebration of the end of summer. Wild blackberries are found in abundance in the hedgerows of the Lancashire lanes in late August and early September.  We forage these and freeze them to breakdown the cell structures so that when we macerate them alongside orange, blueberries, and rowan berries we extract the maximum amount of flavour possible. After the distillation, we colour the Gin with Thai butterfly blue pea flowers, which is a natural acidity indicator, so when you add a tonic or a slice of citrus, the Gin changes from deep purple to a pinky violet.  

The tart fruit in the Lytham Gin Positively Purple is balanced beautifully by the sweetness of Fevertree's Mediterranean tonic, add lots of ice, forest fruits, and a slice of lemon, orange or grapefruit for a superbly refreshing drink.


NOSE: Big and bold juniper notes, unmistakebly a gin and not a fruit flavoured vodka.

PALATE:  Really smooth, the juniper takes the fore with the fresh forest fruit notes playing a supporting  rather than dominating role. Hints of liquorice or cassia add balance and sweetness.

FINISH:  In the finish the fruit flavours start to build and develop leaving an unmistakeable blueberry/blackberry sorbet like taste in the mouth.