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Sandgrown Spirits is one of the UK’s leading and most awarded craft spirit producers. It all began with a long-held love for the juniper-predominant spirit and a dream to craft the best-tasting gin in the world. 

Before crafting the first gin,  our founder Sara Dewhurst spent years sampling different gins from around the world, talking to mixologists and distillers to discover the flavour profiles she wanted to create and share.

Serious about flavour

Whilst our branding is a little playful, Sara is totally serious about flavour, mouthfeel and provenance. As a result, all of our range is unapologetically packed with favour, using the best possible ingredients, which, where possible, we either grow ourselves or are locally foraged. As we say, there is a little bit of Lancashire in every drop!

Elsie, our beautiful copper still uses a heated water jacket to gently extract as much flavour as possible from the botanicals infused in the finest barley grain spirit.

Serious about quality

Sara uses the skills she gained as an industrial chemist to ensure that all parts of the process from sourcing ingredients to distilling and bottling, which are all done in-house, are controlled with a total focus on quality.


Serious about innovation

Every batch is a learning opportunity, Sara tastes each batch to ensure the flavour remains true to the original recipe, tweaking it to compensate for the variations in the natural ingredients used and as a chance to continuously enhance and improve the flavour profile. 

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