70% Ethanol Based Botanical Hand Santiser. 100ml

Made to World Health Organisation specifications, we use 'waste gin' to make an effective hand sanitiser which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including corona viruses.


During the early stages of distillation, volatile oils as well as methanol and propanone are found in the distillate.  These smell nice but taste nasty and can be harmful, so we don't put them in our gin.  Obviously!


These chemicals are safe to apply to the skin and along with the ethanol the mixture are very effective at killing microbes.  In fact, the volatile botanical oils are actually biologically active and have been proven to kill viruses and bacteria!  Adding a little Hydrogen Peroxide and some vegetable glycerine lets us create a luxurious hand santiser which smells pleasant and leaves your hands silky smooth.


Non-sticky and quick drying, spray a small pool in the palm of one hand and then rub all over your hands to sanitise your skin.



Seriously Sanitised Botanical Hand Sanitiser


    Our Product Philosophy

    As a company, we are passionate about gin. With all our products, the first thing you should taste is gin. The other flavours we use are there to compliment the gin not to dominate it.