Ultra small-batch, handmade gin, made in the ancient parish of Lytham. Distilled and bottled by Sandgrown Spirits of Lytham, Lancashire, England.  


A wonderfully dry floral and fruity gin, made with ten carefully chosen botanicals. Flavours of juniper and orange have been enhanced with the infusion of pink roses, apricots and hibiscus flowers


A donation is made with each bottle sold to the Lytham In Bloom charity. 


Please Note: This is a natural product, the colour comes from the hibiscus flowers. The colour is sensitive to strong sunlight, so please keep the bottle in a dark place to preserve the dark pink/red colour. If exposed to strong sunlight the gin will change colour, fading to orange, this does not affect the flavour.

Blooming Gorgeous - Floral Contemporary - Dry Pink Gin - 40% ABV

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  • As gin lovers we know that gin flavours and what people like is a very personal thing. We think you will love our Gin, but we will accept returns for any reason, all we ask is that you let us know why you are returning the item and that there is gin in it!


Our Product Philosophy

As a company, we are passionate about gin. With all our products, the first thing you should taste is gin. The other flavours we use are there to compliment the gin not to dominate it.